Studio Summ

A website for a unique design service group

The opportunity

My role

In a design studio at Cornell, my classmates formed a group of 4 to complete semester-long interior design based projects. With interests in product design, however, I became the 5th member and helped them imagine what it would look like if they became a real design service group.
As the sole person imagining the future of a fictitious design service group that I called Studio Summ, I dove into  many areas of design. I took this idea from a concept to a working prototype on Figma by creating a brand for Studio Summ, conducting user-research, and executing  all UX + UI  work.

Capture the true essence of my design group

Home page
Concept development
The word “Summ” was taken from "summation", or the addition of multiple things. I wanted to convey that Studio Summ pieces together everything their clients need to create beautiful spaces, which stems from the thorough design approach this group practices because of their university education.
Logo iteration
What started as a more concrete S turned into a fluid letter with lines that tend to bleed off of the page. Each line works to be apart of the whole, as emphasized in Studio Summ.
Personalized About page
Part of capturing each designers' true essence included making sure that everyone felt accurately represented. Therefore, I had each designer create a hand-drawn sketch over their photo, sign their name, and state what their happiness trigger is.
Nanjing, Jiangsa
Inclusive Design
Odd future inspired music & playing with dogs
On hover
On click
Playfully elegant design system
Through the use of color, font, and sketch like elements, the design system works to create the playful yet professional feel that best represents Studio Summ.

Cater to a range of potential users

As a design service group, I  anticipated that Studio Summ would have multiple types of clients navigating the site all with unique needs. In order to make informed design decisions, I took into account 4 personas and their journey while navigating the site. I took note of their main objective and how it relates to the order of pages visited, length of time spent on each page, as well as frustrations to solve for.
Tabbing by project for Nadia
Tabbing makes it easy for users to find relevant work, which is essential when they already have a specific service in  mind.
Detailed services for Juna & Ava
Studio Summ offers Interior Design, Branding, and Design Strategy services , yet not everyone knows what these terms mean. The services page states their definitions and also provides direct links to the works page to see real details in our projects.
Contact us page for Bryan & Isa
An accessible contact us page emphasizes that Studio Summ is ready to connect with clients to answer any questions about project timelines and fees.