A bit about myself

Hey everyone! I'd love to explain a little bit about who I am as a designer.

While I studied Human-Centered Design at Cornell, I officially kicked off my product design journey with an internship at Meta my sophomore year. For that summer and the one that followed, I took a deep dive into the intricate world of Ads & Business products where I worked on improving reporting tools for Advertisers. It was like a crash course into a complex, detail-oriented space, and I loved every minute of it. It also gave me a foundation of product design with the constraints of a big tech company, which is different than any personal project I could do myself.

Now that I'm a fresh new grad looking for full-time opportunities, the learner in me feels ready to take on pretty much anything product design related, not just in the ads space. When I wasn't designing at Meta, I was a student touching a whole range of projects every semester, connect the dots between these diverse design disciplines. I love the looks I get when people see my work in design strategy, interiors, branding, and physical product design, trying to figure out what kind of designer I am. But to me, that's my secret sauce: I have a passion for digital experiences, with a background in just that, plus more.

As a worker, I stay curious and bring up problems that were looked past too quickly. I love using data to inform my decisions, but have learned when using my intuition as a designer is the way to go. And last but not least, I love acknowledging small wins on my team and making people aware of just how great they are. Hoping to find my next home soon!