Casa Mañana

A luxury mobile home

The prompt

Target users

I was given a broad prompt  of creating a luxury mobile home. The only requirement was that I incorporate sustainability, and the rest was left for me to define and design.
I decided to focus on the entertainer and environmentalist wrapped into one. Target users would enjoy staying in luxury, small-scale spaces designed intentionally for their lifestyle.

Informed by the geometry of Taos, NM

Curves of the mountains
The natural form of the mountains inspired the roof shape. I moved forward with the asymmetrical roof as a way of reflecting the natural forms of Taos's organic geography.
Linearity of the homes
The linearity of these modular homes served as a reference when creating the shell. I also considered these straight forms when designing the roof, but found that it didn't incorporate Taos's landscape enough.

Supports Company

A host needs a space that supports the company they invite. Phone interviews with  3  entertainers revealed  common frustrations  when hosting that informed how to design for these needs. Takeaways told me that the space should facilitate conversation and invite interaction between users even when occupying different zones.
Task 1:
Improve awkward seating arrangements for large groups
Task 2:
Allow for conversation between host and guest spaces
Focal conversation pit
This rectangular conversation pit with clear glass panels facilitates conversation between the living and kitchen area, and supports large groups.
Clear sightlines
Direct views from the kitchen to entertaining spaces are perfect for the host to engage with their company. Sightlines from the living space to the bathroom allow guests to locate rooms on their own.


This mobile home allows the environmentalist to live in a space that was made cautiously. This includes naturally sourced materials, energy saving solar panels, and tall, wide windows to reduce energy usage during the day.
Solar panels
Used as a way to reduce energy use and take advantage of the 283 sunny days that Taos gets per year.
Stucco style Adobe
Adobe is made from the earth, water and sun, making it extremely sustainable. For weight reasons, the adobe would be added as an exterior finish.
Cowhide rug
Taken from the local cattle in Taos, NM as a way to reduce waste within the meat consumption industry.
Pondarosa pine
One of the most common woods found in Taos, NM. Locally sourced materials reduce the need for shipping and energy usage.
Slow your days by getting lost in the restorative mountains of Taos, New Mexico. Here, “Mañana” is a state of mind.